Dragonwell + Flowers Loose Leaf Tea Tin

Dragonwell + Flowers Loose Leaf Tea Tin


…because my mommy swears by the healing powers of Green Tea. I created this blend because I love you and want to a part of healing your mind, body, and spirit. While this tea does contain caffeine to get you through your day, it has a calming affect on the body. Steep for 90 seconds in hot (not quite boiling) water and enjoy! Made with hella love.

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This blend was created to encourage tea drinking among my peers. Humans consume far too much juice and soda, and I am offering an alternative help nurture the body rather than poison it. Am I attacking juice? Yes. Eat the fruit. I designed this blend with my juice drinkers in mind. Using flowers that offer a natural sweetness, I was able to mask some of the bitter/astringent taste of green tea while boosting its health benefits. The result is a smooth and mildly sweet tea blend that can be consumed hot or chilled. While I drink this concoction plain and strongly encourage you to do the same, if you absolutely have to add sweetener, I suggest a small amount of local raw honey. 

This magic blend includes:

  • Organic Dragon Well base (check out all the amazing health benefits here)

  • Purple Globe Amaranth Flowers (relieves cough/chest cold, asthma, diabetes and it enhances vision)

  • Cornflower Petals (revives tired eyes, boosts immune system, helps to fight infection, calms anxiety, and eases tummy)

  • Orange Peel (aids digestion and weight loss, reduces lipids in blood to help lower cholesterol)

  • Osmanthus (prevents allergies, detoxifies body, good for skin, lowers risk of cancer)

  • Hibiscus (treats high blood pressure, speeds up metabolism, rich in vitamin C, helps cure liver disease, anti-inflammatory, reduces risk of cancer)

  • Forget me not (promotes a relaxing sleep, reduces high blood pressure, prevents wrinkles and black spots, effective in weight loss and slimming, improves eyesight, detoxifies the liver, improves metabolism, and enhances immunity)

Each tin makes around 10-15 cups of tea.