BEYOND THE PEN | A Journey Into Like Sunrise {Poetry}

Danielle Helena by Katrina Davis

I asked myself a question. If you could describe your soul mate, how would they make you feel? I was on an express train, and the word vomit began between 125th and 59th street. I can't remember where I was going, but something in me felt inspired to feel love in that moment.And to this day, this song makes me feel love. Is this how it feels?

2013-04-05 17.00.15.jpg

I played with some beats in Garage Band and Logic Express, then married some melodies to lyric. Once I recorded a rough draft of the full song, it became fun to listen to and even more fun to sing. I truly fell in love with it, as every songwriter should. This particular love affair was the catalyst for the creation of a full album...and I couldn't stop writing. Most of what I wrote never saw the album, but it was good practice to keep writing to learn the rules--only to then break them, because I'm anti...

Poetry track art_3.jpg

I wanted all of my music to feel like sensual and mildly erotic poetry. I wanted it to make you feel love--even when love hurts. "Poetry" was that stepping stone. It was a journey into the world of vulnerability and storytelling. It was by no means the first song I've ever written, as I have been struggling to write hits for decades, but it was the first song that made me an independent artist on digital streaming platforms. It was the birth of many beautiful things to come. For that, I'm forever in love with this it's original, most authentic form: 


 Remixed and mastered by E-Live:

Thanks for listening...

Danielle Helena