BEYOND THE PEN | A Journey Into Like Sunrise - {The Intro}

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Rock Me. The intro. This is how I wanted to begin my album and tell my journey.

It was the toke of a joint that inspired these lyrics late one night. My ears were mesmerized by Jennah Bell's Live at Mother NY album on repeat, and during her track "Rock Me", my pen took to the page and vomited phrases of seductive tone with little direction but a bit of passion..."you dance upon me mirroring wave to shore..."

I had no idea what the poem was going to be used for, as it was just a stream of consciousness...that is, until I heard Mildred Moody's beat. There was so much sensuality in much seduction and temptation. That's what the music sang to I sang back.  The intro is so alarming that it scares away some--the weak. But the true listener who rides it out gets to rock with a vintage kit and some sensual soul.

While this song is describing a sexual encounter (like most of my songs), I chose it as the intro to my album because it acts as a metaphor for my relationship with music. I gave up a career in tv/film production to create music, and at the time that I wrote this, I was flirting with a whole new world of vulnerability--a world where nothing is guaranteed, yet you are always expected to give your whole body and soul to your art; a world full of disappointments and self doubt...plagued with substance abuse and suicide. It's not for everyone, and I always question whether or not I can handle the pressure. But I have learned that when you allow that degree of vulnerability to flow through your veins, performing feels is is terrifying yet beautiful. At first we hesitate, but when we finally say yes to pursing art for life, our whole world is rocked. The moments of authentic human connection in performance trump all of the rejections one may face. It's a high beyond what cannabis can supply, and I need it. I want it. So I said yes. This song is my introduction to that world. Thank you for listening. I share it with love.

Music by Mildred Moody | Lyrics by Danielle Helena

Resistance is drowning me
My light is fading
I'm left speechless, breathless
Where are we going
Maybe my body knows
I'm doubting...
My mind's cloudy
But I say yes

You dance upon me
Mirroring wave to shore
These ebbs and flows...they leave me
Craving more
Rock me

My body's calling
Emotions evolving
I'm speechless, breathless
My vision is cloudy
Your pulse surrounds me
I need it...
I want it...
So I say yes

You dance upon me
Mirroring wave to shore
These ebbs and flows...they leave me
Craving more
Rock me

Hold me
Touch me slowly
Gentile kiss
Baby I need this
Passion is growing
Don't stop, keep going
Is this a sin?
Baby when you rock me
You unlock me
And it feels so good when I let you in