BEYOND THE PEN | A Journey Into Like Sunrise {3AM}

The purpose of a song is to tell a story, yet some stories we deem too taboo to be told out loud. I, however, am not a part of that general "we"...for the sake of authenticity and realness, I will say anything. I was up late one night listening to the instrumental to this track (because I didn't fall asleep before 4:00am throughout my 20s), and it dawned on me that people might relate to a song about pleasuring themselves.

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Danielle Helena
I Hate People

My parents put forth the effort to ensure I did not turn out to be a horrible human, and as a result, I always had a higher moral standard for myself and others--that same high standard has led to severe devastation. Why? Because humans are the worst.

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BEYOND THE PEN | A Journey Into Like Sunrise - {Is It You (Possibly)}

I became delusional about potential mates. I would manufacture sparks in hopes of getting closer to the "real thing." After one night of texting back and forth with any newfound fling I met randomly while roaming New York City, I would ask myself, "Is it you?". So I caved and wrote a song about this pathetic behavior. 

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